Command & Conquer Expansion Announced

kaneswrath.jpgLast night at midnight the very first episode of the Command & Conquer TV's Battlecast premiered, and along with details on the upcoming patch, player matches, interviews and commercials, EA used the newly launched web program to announce Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath. The expansion is all about Kane's rise back to power from C&C 2 all the way through the end of the current game and beyond. Producer Jim Vessella delivers details the dirt in a segment on the show, touching the new global domination metagame that he describes as Risk on steroids. New units will be coming for all three factions, and each will be getting two sub-factions complete with unique units. Both the Xbox 360 and PC version are hitting early 2008, with the 360 version getting a brand new radial interface created to ease control issues with the console version. Hit up the link to watch the program yourself, and suffer like I did through the extremely cheesy fake news program format to get to the creamy centre.

C&C TV: BattleCast Primetime Episode 1 [Command & Conquer TV via CustomPC]


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