Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Open Beta

cohopposing.jpgMore fun with beta testing! Starting tomorrow, PC gamers will be able to go to Fileplanet and download the Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts open beta, but how open is it really? From Relic's website:

Starting August 30th, the Opposing Fronts Open Beta will begin. Anyone with a Fileplanet account can attempt to download and play the Beta. There will be key releases twice a week which will continue throughout the remainder of the Beta.

I like the "can attempt" part. Interested to see how this all works out. I suppose I will log into Fileplanet tomorrow and give a go at testing out the next chapter in one of the best reviewed RTS games of all time. Wish me luck!

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Open Beta begins August 30, 2007 [Relic]


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