Condemned Movie Not Dead Yet

070809sutter.jpg Details are scant on the Condemned 2 movie tie-in The Unforgettable. The movie was first announced in Variety back in 2005. Scribe Kurt Sutter (pictured) was roped in to pen the move, and at the time he said, "I'm a big gamer, one who feels that, in the last five years, some of the smartest and most innovative ideas have come out of the gaming world." Not many details have surfaced about the film recently, so game site Sega Nerds contacted Sutter, who said he just closed another deal to do a big script rewrite. A director, he said, is attached and will be announced at a later date. What's more, Shutter adds:

But the project is very much alive (especially after the surprising success of THE 300). In the world of features, a few years to get something into production is the norm... There will be some parallels [to the game] , but it is not a movie BASED ON the game. It's INSPIRED BY the same source material.

I do like the idea of a movie being based on a game, rather than a game being made into a movie. That seems like a better approach. Sutter Talks Movie [Sega Nerds]


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