"Console Manufacturer" Working On 3D Blu-Ray Gaming

ohnos.jpg Forget 4D, we'll settle with 3D. At a recent U.S. press event, Mitsubishi demoed its fancy 3D googles (above). The tech works with DLP TVs and projectors, but not with plasma and LCD displays. The company is even developing a Blu-ray player that can convert 2D movies into 3D on the fly, which *might* be available as early as next year. The kicker? According to CNET's Crave:

Mitsubishi hinted that it was in discussions with one game console manufacturer to integrate the 3D technology into the system. The Wii's not capable of such feats and Microsoft's in the HD DVD camp, so one would have to assume it's Sony and the PS3.

Plus Nintendo's probably not eager to get back into 3D. People still have Virtual Boy headaches. 3D Mitsubishi [Crave via Gizmodo]


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