XBL Has Reached 45 Million Downloads

XBL Has Reached 45 Million Downloads

BigNumbers.jpgMore news from Gamerfest 2007: Microsoft announced that 7.1 million Live users have downloaded 25 45 million…things…from XBL. With that level of user base, that puts the download average of everything—from games to themes—at a (what I think is very, very low) average of 3 per person.

Given that they also said the attachment rate is reaching an average of 6-7 XBLA titles per user, we’re a bit confused by all the numbers at the moment. Either those 25 45 million downloads are arcade title exclusive, or that 6-7 title figure is inflated and based upon only the most current users. We have an email out to Microsoft and will let you know if the numbers start making more sense.

UPDATE: We’ve talked to Microsoft PR. The real number is actually 45 million Xbox Live downloads.

Gamefest 2007: 25M Downloads on XBL [1up]

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