Crash Of The Titans: The Hummer

crashhummer.jpgKotakuite Simon sent in this photo of this Crash Bandicoot themed Hummer he spied at the Annual Balloon Fiesta in Bristol, U.K. I could try to write something clever about it but it wouldn't come close to Simon's descriptions of the actual event so I'll let him do the talking on this one.

Has spinners, the works. All with a Wii on the inside that people can play. Opposite side of picture, staff weren't too keen of me getting a snap. Some man from Kodak stood there playing with it for about an hour so no children could have a go. Sadly as with most things Crash these days it didn't bring much attention to the franchise. To sum it up from the words of a trusty Nachos eating festival goer "So which of you lucky men gets to drive this bad boy?" And cue countless parents trying to introduce their kids to the wonderful world of spinners.

You know, I have always thought of the British as a classy people, but it's good to know that they enjoy nachos, Hummers and spinners just as much as us classless Americans.


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