Crytek Loves EA More Than Ubisoft

Crytek Loves EA More Than Ubisoft

yerliman.jpgSometimes size does matter, especially in the bizarre and awkward love triangle formed between developer Crytek, Ubisoft who published their first game Far Cry, and EA who will be releasing Crysis for them in November. Despite Ubi giving them the start they so richly deserved, it turns out Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli is a bit of a size queen.

“Everything’s just bigger. From a business point of view, we have more support from EA and superior distribution and marketing power behind us, more freedom,” Yerli said.

Yerli still reflects fondly on Ubisoft, noting that without the experience and fame gained from their tryst with the company did teach them a lot about how to make sweet, sweet love with publishing companies. Like any failed relationship, it all comes down to one thing. Trust.

“There were too many emotions involved back then, it was very passionate… It worked out, but it drained on the level of trust between us,” Yerli revealed.

Aww, this whole thing is making me want to look up old girlfriends on MySpace to see if the restraining orders are still in place.

EA offers more support than Ubisoft, says Crytek boss []

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