Crytek Wii Game Plans? "Maybye In 3 Or 4 Years"

arecibo_observatory.jpg PC shooter Crysis developer Crytek has loads of ideas in the pipeline. Loads! The developer already has an entire team dedicated to the PS3. According Cryteck honcho Cevat Yerli, the studio even has a "separate" room creating "some secret technologies...which are not related to the CryEngine 2." Crytek also has an Xbox 360 title in the works. It's not a FPS and a "complete departure" from the studio's titles Crysis and Far Cry. What about the Wii? Yerli answers:

We have Wii development but it's very small, it's more like testing ideas. We don't have a project at this stage... Nintendo Wii is certainly on the radar, we will do something for Nintendo Wii — the question is when. I think some time maybe in three or four years, but nobody knows when.

That's a pretty big radar you got there, Yerli. Crytek's Plans [Games Industry]


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