Curse Of The Wii?

curse_golden_flower1.jpgNo, it's not the next Zhang Yimou film (wouldn't that be a trip), but a post over at Only a Game - I'm not so sure it's as bad as forecasted, but some interesting points are made in terms of balancing the market to reach the market extremes of casual, never-had-a-console gamers new to the medium and the 'purists,' or gamer hobbyists. The potential double-edged sword - with the market finally widening in its appeal, the more hardcore gamers may be shafted when it comes to new and innovative games in 'typical' categories (FPS, RPG, strategy) seeing the light of day - is one that I'm not so sure needs to be feared, but it is something to think about.

The Hardcore gamers, or gamer hobbyists, are justifiably concerned that Nintendo is screwing them, and Nintendo is not blind to this concern. Although, as Corvus and others discuss, Nintendo has already paid its fans in full by making the great games that they have already made. It is not that the Hardcore gamers will not get more of the games they want - they are still the people handing over the bulk of the money at the most regular intervals - it is just that the disparity in development spending will now begin to rectify itself, choking experimentation in games with gamer hobbyist appeal.


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