To: Ash and Flynn
From: Crecente
Re: Bashcraft on Japanese TV, Hates It

TV you say? I think you did fine on the GameHead stuff and I never noticed the reek of vomit in the room after you were done so I’m going to assume you never spewed either. You’ve got to make sure and send me the vid when it hits TV.

Man today was busy. We had three conventions to babysit, both remotely and up close and personally. McWhertor headed out to BlizzCon to cover all things WoW and Starcraft II (and unfortunately no things Diablo-ish) and I sat at my computer doing phone interviews, emailing and basically doing what I could to try and keep a handle on the news and info pouring out of QuakeCon and Fan Faire. Someone needs to talk to these companies about spacing some of this stuff out.

What you missed after the jump:
Ready at Dawn snags Naughty Dog creative type
Len Wiseman may direct Gears Flick
Totilo, so brainy….braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny
Stranglehold was pricey
Heavenly Sword dated, but sadly, not by me.

Oh, I forgot to mention last night, but the first Game Club meeting went swimmingly. I really quite enjoyed myself. Flynn, make sure to keep an eye on the various cons as they run through the weekend. I’m outtie…mostly.

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