Geometry Wars Is Not Done With XBLA

geometry-wars-screenie2.jpgGeometry Wars pretty much defined XBLA as a viable platform. So where are all the sequels? From Ben Ward of Bizzare:

We're playing our Geometry Wars cards close to our chest right now. As you know, we've just announced Geometry Wars Galaxies for the Nintendo platforms, GW: Mobile for mobile phones, and we've recently released the game onto Steam too....So there's a lot going on but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about the Xbox 360...

And then he should have added: just means we are making WAY more money doing other stuff. WAY, WAY more.

I really enjoyed Geometry Wars Galaxies when I played it at E3. The Meteos-style, planet level approach proves there's a lot more meat to the franchise than an XBLA title can exploit. But it's good to know 360 owners will see a new title eventually.

Geometry Wars: 'we've not forgotten about Xbox 360...' [cvg]


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