Dead Island

Dead Island

I ran into Techland while wandering the business hall here at the Games Convention today. Techland are the developer’s behind Call of Juarez, the Chrome Engine and the guys making both Warhound and Dead Island.

After sweet talking one of the devs on hand I was walked into a backroom where Pawel Kopinski walked me through some gameplay for the recently unveiled Dead Island.

In Dead Island you play as a man who has been separated from his wife when the plane the two are on crashes on a tropical island. The island, it turns out, is home to a resort and a growing population of zombies. While the game certainly has some very strong first-person shooter elements, Kopinski insists it’s more of a role-playing or action game then straight-up shooter.

The game will have side quests, which you get from various factions of uninfected survivors you find on the island, as well as branching story lines, he said. Dead Island will consist of 15 levels that you’ll need to negotiate to save your wife.

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