Costco Offers Wii Bundles

costcobundle.jpgCostco is currently selling Wii bundles that include the Wii, an extra Wii remote and a copy of Mario Party 8 for $US329. If you're still looking to get a Wii and you have a Costco membership, this might be the perfect opportunity for you although you'll probably be wanting to pick up an extra nunchuk as well. The savings is minuscule at only $US10, but it's better than nothing I suppose. Look at it this way, you'll finally have your long sought after Wii and while you're there you can use that extra ten bucks to buy a giant tub of Gummi Worms and a case of Mountain Dew. Let the good times roll!

Coscto Wii/Mario Party 8 bundles [GoNintendo]


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