Dear Hideo

Some times readers have tips, sometimes they have questions. And hey, we're always happy to answer! The following is a real question from a real reader:

To: Bashcraft, Crecente From: SOME READER Subject: To Hideo Kojima

Will MGS: The Twin Snakes and MGS:Portable Ops ever become available for the PS3 via the PS network?

Hit the jump for my response.

To: SOME READER From: Bashcraft Subject: Re: To Hideo Kojima

Kojima doesn't work here anymore. We fired him.


To: Bashcraft From: SOME READER Subject: Re: Re: To Hideo Kojima

You fired the Metal Gear Solid series creator? I am curious why? If you know some one you could forward this email to him, I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks.


To: SOME READER From: Bashcraft Subject: Re: Re: Re: To Hideo Kojima

Guy was a total slacker. A day dreamer. That, and he really wasn't that good at blogging. Glad to see that this "game directing thing" has worked out for him.

Wish him the best luck! No, really.

No further reply was received.


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