BlizzCon Goody Bags & Fine Purchaseables Revealed

BlizzCon Goody Bags & Fine Purchaseables Revealed

blizzcon_poster.jpgWe’re well aware that BlizzCon 2007 attendees will secure themselves a World of Warcraft Murloc suit and score a coveted beta key to an as yet unidentified Blizzard product, but what else will they see stuffed in their goody bags? The official BlizzCon site reveals all! In addition to the two previous prizes and the expected BlizzCon souvenir show guide, conventioneers will score a StarCraft II magnet, a WoW t-shirt, a Heroes of Azeroth starter deck, coasters, buttons and… other surprises.

That’s good news, sure, but those of us with cold cash ironically burning a hole in our wallets of holding want to know “What kind of licensed crap can I spend hundreds of dollars on?” Blizzard has the answer, highlighting some of the dozens of things one can buy at the Anaheim convention center. Posters, soundtracks, t-shirts, keychains, belt buckles, calendars—there’s practically no limit to the amount of unnecessary stuff one can buy.

So bring plenty of cash and plenty of storage space. In fact, book a suite if it’s not too late.

BlizzCon Goody Bag and BlizzCon Store [Blizzard]

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