Timewasters: Top 27 'Art Games'

screen002.jpgHere's one person's take on the best of the indy/browser-based games scene, which made me happy since I never complain about getting easy access to a variety of sometimes intriguing, sometimes 'Well, that was interesting, and not in a good way' games in one fell swoop. Some on the list aren't terrible surprising - Orsinal has long been one of my favourite spots for soothing and well produced little games to while away an hour or two with - while I'm wondering how I missed others for so long (Pac-Mondrian? "Pac-Mondrian closes the perceptual distance between fine art and video games by combining Piet Mondrian's Modernist masterpiece 'Broadway Boogie Woogie' with Toru Iwatani's classic video game Pac-Man." I'm totally in). An interesting list and some of them are a good way to spend an overcast Sunday. [via Independent Gaming]


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