Delivery People See Weird Shit/Tomorrow Will Be Hell/Hyper Multi-Tap

To: Crecente
From: Ash
RE: Fiddy

Man, how the hell am I going to play all these games? I kinda wish the publishers would get together and stagger this stuff a little bit better. Because there’s going to be stuff I miss. A lot of stuff.

It’s been pretty hot here of late. When I work, I put my hair up in a top-knot to keep up and out of the way. My mop is getting a wee bit long, and I really need a cut. So, dinner was pizza, and I go get the door, and I’ve got this ridiculous top-knot. The delivery dude is running through what we order, and it hit me: Still have that silly hairdo, and I’m in my boxers, but the delivery dude doesn’t even notice. He’s probably seen way stranger stuff than foreign dudes with dumb hair in their underwear, no doubt.Tomorrow is dentist inferno. I have to get more fillings — two more. Mrs. Bashcraft got one of her wisdom teeth out the other day, and the dentist told her that what I’m having done will hurt more. Now, I don’t know if the dentist was telling her this so she wouldn’t worry or if my wife is just fucking with me. Regardless, tomorrow at 3pm, I shall be in the chair, getting gawd knows what sort of pain. Can’t wait.

Oh, Hyper Multi-Tap starts also tomorrow. No nominations as of yet! Guess that means we shall controlling Multi-Tap. Muwahahahahahaha.

What you missed:
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