Design Contest: Gamma 256

gamma256.jpgFor those of you with a hankering to design a game with as low a resolution as you can manage, the Kokoromi collective has the challenge for you: design a simple, pick-up-and-play game that has a resolution no greater than 256 X 256. Entries close 1 November, and the winning game will be fêted during the Gamma 256 party at the Montreal International Game Summit on 28 November. The guidelines are after the jump.

1. Your game may use any kind of aspect ratio and be as low-res as you want. (ex: 16×256, 64×8, 4×4) 2. Your game may use as many colours as you would like. 3. Your game should remain simple, pick-up-and-play. 4. A single game session should not last more than 5 minutes. 5. Your game should not rely on audio of any kind (no sound will be fed out of the game at the event). 6. Single-machine multiplayer is fine/great. 7. All games will remain the property of their respective creators.

Beyond that, the game's gotta run on Windows XP and use an Xbox 360 controller. I'm genuinely curious to see what will come out of this one.

resolutions [via game girl advance]


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