Do The Hardcore Care About 360 Reliability?

mydead360.jpgThink we're all of the opinion that the 360's a little on the unreliable side. So there's no debate about that. What there can be debate over, however, is whether the console's poor reliability matters to existing 360 owners. A New York Times article from the weekend investigates just that, publishing quotes from a whole bunch of 360 fanboys and generally painting a picture that a lot of 360 owners aren't fussed about below-average hardware, because they're getting (or are looking forward to) stuff like Halo 3.

But there is little doubt the faithful will be there in force, and thrilled about it, having forgiven Microsoft for the flaws in its console. "I'm on my third 360," said Benjamin Lin, an 18-year-old Halo enthusiast from Seattle, "and it's working great for me."

Interesting angle to run with. After all,"forgive" is a very strong word, and one I don't think many people would actually use in relation to the 360's reliability. "Endure", perhaps, or maybe even "tolerate", but not forgive, and probably not "forget", either. Xbox 360 Out of Order? For Loyalists, No Worries [NY Times]


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