Does Lost In Translation Suck Eggs?

To: Crecente From: Bash

I spent exactly one hour and thirty minutes at McDonalds today. Since Mrs. Bashcraft was out watching some TV show being filmed with her friend, I took the kid out for lunch. On the show she saw, Takashi Fuji was the guest. She really thinks he's annoying. He is, but he amuses me. Here's a clip of one of his songs. He was in Lost in Translation as "Matthew," a Paul Smith suit wearing, blonde-haired character he created. Quite like Matthew! And watch him a lot on TV when I first came to Japan. Think he's in a scene with Bill Murray in Lost in Translation. I've never seen Lost in Translation. Have you? Is it any good?

What you missed last night Bandai "Not Aware" of PS3 Eternal Sonata More Tomb Raider DQ Swords all naughty Lots of Sigmas

Gonna go fishing this weekend. Friggin hot and looking forward to sunstroke.


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