Dojo Dump: Best Week Ever?

peach_butt_bump.jpgIn general, a week's worth of updates to the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl web site peaks with a single character reveal and bottoms out with lame item update. But this week, not only are two characters confirmed, one assist trophy profiled and four shots of Zero Suit Samus added, the Sticker option is revealed. Woohoo! Feels like 1984 again.

Keep on reading for this week's Dojo Dump!Monday: The Pokémon Trainer is confirmed as a playable fighter. Pokéballs galore. Tuesday: Devil World's Devil assist trophy seems to point at things. And that's it. Wednesday: Stickers! Stickers! Stickers! Thursday: Zero Suit Samus has a special ability, the Tether Recovery! Looks like others will have similar skills. Friday: Peach is (officially) confirmed as a fighter in SSBB. I'd have preferred the short shorts look.

Good news all around. It's nothing short of amazing how much content is crammed into this game.


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