Dojo Dump: Diddy, Petey & Yoshi Goodies

dojo_dump_diddy.jpgThis week, we see the seventeenth confirmed character appear, Donkey Kong's half-pint sidekick Diddy Kong. The rest of the stuff is rather mundane, but at least Yoshi's Final Smash get up is good for a laugh and Smash Bros. fans without friends will be gassed to learn more about Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Adventure Mode. On with the Dojo Dump!Monday: Link's special moves, including the clawshot, boomerang and bombs, are profiled. Tuesday: A new video featuring the Subspace Army (and R.O.B.!) is added. Wednesday: Newcomer Diddy Kong is added to the roster. Thursday: Yoshi's Final Smash show's the dragon sporting wings and K.K. Slider's theme song arrives for your listening pleasure. Friday: Petey Piranha, the boss from the Subspace Army clip gets a proper run down.


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