Franklin Comes Alive!

palutena_dojo_dump.jpgWow! What a week of updates over at the Smash Bros. Dojo!! It was so thrilling, so spectacular, so packed with mind-scrambling megatons that it might warrant a third exclamation point!!! Actually, it was dry as dust, with five business days of C-level updates dragging down the site. Outside of Pit's fan-boner of an update, the rest is simply... *yawn* housekeeping. Here's the Dojo Dump!Monday: The Smoke Ball item is revealed. It doesn't do much. Tuesday: Fire Emblem rep Ike's special moves are shown, including the "Eruption." Wednesday: Kid Icarus' re-mixed music from The Underworld is added. A bit flowery for my tastes. Thursday: Pit's Final Smash is a beautiful sight to behold, with the goddess Palutena and a swarm of Centurions Friday: The Franklin Badge is revealed to be a projectile deflector! Please do not attempt to protect yourself from gunfire with your own Franklin Badges.

Damn. That Palutena is one foxy bitch. Why can't I meet a nice green haired goddess like that?


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