Doodle Hex Casts A Spell On The DS

Doodle Hex Casts A Spell On The DS

doodlehextop.jpgEvery have a game’s art style just reach out and grab you? That’s what happened to me when I first saw these character images from Doodle Hex, a DS game coming in 2008 from Spanish developer Tragnarion Studios. A game of magical combat, players battle by drawing runes on their DS screen to cast spells like fireballs, reflect spells and polymorphs. Over 200 runes can be collected and swapped over wi-fi and used to compete in tournaments or puzzle mode. The promise of over 100 hours of gameplay is intriguing, but the real star here is the artwork. With quirky characters like Strat the emo rockstar elf and the goth witch Fey, the visual style of Doodle Hex has me surrendering with nary a screenshot fired. Hit up the Doodle Hex Website for more peeks at the stylish title, as well as goodies like wallpapers and icons, with the promise of more to come once the game hits Leipzig next week.

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August 17th, 2007 Mallorca, Spain: Developer Tragnarion Studios announces their new magical Nintendo DS game “Doodle Hex”, which will be available in Q1 2008.

Doodle Hex is an original game designed specifically for the Nintendo DS, utilizsg unique features like the touch screen and dual screens perfectly to create an addictive and fun title for both single and multiplayer gaming.

Doodle Hex is a game of magical dueling where aspiring “Doodlers” compete head-to-head for fun and glory. Two “Doodlers” fight by drawing runes onto the DS touch screen, in real time, to create powerful and fun spells to inflict on their opponent, such as blasts of fire or curses that shake the opponent’s screens, turn their own spells back on them and even turn them into a frog!

Speed of thought, tactical choices and accurate drawing of simple shapes are all important to progress through the game and succeed in Doodle Hex.

Completing tournaments and challenges in the puzzle mode of the game unlocks further runes and spells, allowing players to collect runes to create their own customised spell book. With over 200 runes to collect and swap with friends over wi-fi, Doodle Hex offers over 100 hours of gameplay to budding magicians.

Doodle Hex also features beautiful comic artwork of some of the coolest characters yet seen in a DS game, including: Strat an Emo Rockstar Elf and Fey, a Goth Witch. Tragnarion are providing a sneak peek at some of the fantastic characters and the visual style of the game at

Carl Jones, head of Tragnarion Studios said: “Like classic fighting and puzzle games, Doodle Hex offers a rewarding single player experience and the fun increases massively when duelling against other people. We’re delighted with how Doodle Hex is coming together – the game looks fantastic on the DS, is really addictive and the work our team have done on the characters and art style is amazing. We’re showing some examples of this work on our teaser site, where you can see the doodlers Cassie, Strat, Fey and Kaleb, for now, but we’ll be putting a lot more content up there after we take Doodle Hex to the Leipzig Game Convention.”

“Doodle Hex” is due for release in the 1st Quarter of 2008 and will be distributed only for Nintendo DS, check it out at

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