Double Fine Readying Jack Black Attack?

jack_black_psychonauts.jpgInternational House Of Mojo, a site primarily focused on LucasArts, Double Fine and Telltale Games coverage, recently ran a rumour on Tim Schafer and Double Fine's unannounced next game. Dubbed Brutal Legend, the game allegedly stars actor and musician Jack Black as a roadie who dies, is banished to Hell and claw his way to Rock 'N Roll Heaven.

The game is rumoured to be revealed at next week's Games Convention in Leipzig, where Schafer will be keynoting on creativity. Of course, this is all rumour, as IHOM has since retracted its story, but it should be noted that Black has recently been spotted sporting the above pictured Whispering Rock Spring Summer Camp t-shirt from Double Fine's previous effort Psychonauts.

Double Fine's new game - Brutal Legend? [Google Cached IHOM via NeoGAF]


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