Koller Outlines The Future Of The PSP

Koller Outlines The Future Of The PSP

psp_future_girl.jpgSCEA’s senior marketing manager responsible for all things PlayStation Portable spoke with MTV News journo Stephen Totilo about the present and the future of the Sony handheld, revealing further details on the PSP’s camera, GPS and support for PlayStation Network titles. While the PSP camera and GPS device are being “tweaked” for a US release, no TV tuner is planned. And those original PSN games? Not before 2008, says Koller.

That means echochrome, the black and white puzzle game revealed at E3, will be delivered on UMD for the PSP, despite being planned for a PlayStation Network release for both the PLAYSTATION 3 and the PSP.Other changes? Koller reveals that the slimmed down PSP was close to sporting a second analogue nub, but the home office nixed those plans. In fact, it seems they put plenty of hardware revisions on the back burner.

And while some 95% of PSP owners are male, it would seem that based on the lifestyle photo at the top of this post, support for attractive tomboys who are into checking their RSS feeds has been added to the PSP slim. Good news for single dudes looking to chat up girls about syndication.

Sony Exec Talks New PSP’s Upgrades, GPS Attachment, NYC Appeal And More [MTV News]

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