Dragon Quest IX Shoved To 2008

dq901.jpg Looking forward to playing Dragon Quest IX this year? You and all of Japan. Well, ain't gonna happen. Square Enix has moved the game from its 2007 release schedule to its 2008 one. In an official statement, Square Enix announced that "further quality improvement is necessary" to create content that satisfies users. While delays for Xbox 360 and PS3 games have become the norm, a DS game delay is a little unusual. Just goes to show that you can't use the copout that DQIX is "just" a DS game. Our theories why the game was delayed:A). Square Enix is trying to cram the game on a single cartridge. B). Phantom Hourglass set a new standard C). Maybe both! Curious as to whether we'll see this game at TGS or not. Better be, or Japan will freak. Chaos, disorder, BLOOD. DQ Delay [Game Watch]


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