Dragon Quest Swords All Naughty Like

dqswordsnaugthy.jpg Dragon Quest Swords did alright. The game sold something like 300,000 units in its first week in Japan, making it the fastest selling Wii game. The game's art direction was a departure from the game's typical Akira Toriyama look. Was all gothy. There was even a gothic lolita character named Setia. DQ Swords' fan service includes in-game up-skirts. Perfect fodder real life ones! Here's costume player Ushijima doing her not-Square-Enix-approved take on Setia, upskirt homage and everything.

Full box art after the jump. dqswordseroticcosplay.jpg

Eds Note: This is not porn. I repeat, THIS IS NOT PORN. Rather, it's an "erotic cosplay" CD-ROM. Quite common in these parts!


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