Dreamcast Shmup Coming To Japanese XBL Arcade

arcadia0710-07l.jpg In that wasteland that is Xbox Live Japan, 360 owners have at least one thing to be excited about. Bullet hell Trigger Heart Exelica is coming to Xbox Live Arcade! The shmup is from developer Warashi, the team behind scrolling side SEGA Saturn shooter Shienryu (too many S's). The vertical shooter got an arcade release last year and was even ported to the Dreamcast this past February! Not much info on the game in the Arcadia mag blurb (above) about whether it'll be available outside Japan or when it will hit XBL. It will, and that's all we know! And hey, if Warashi hasn't given up on the DC, like hell it'll call it a day for the Xbox 360 in Japan. Trigger Heart Hitting XBL [Warashi]


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