DS Bartender Game Sounding Better And Better

beefeater.jpgLots of DS "training" games just don't appeal to me. My face doesn't need training, and I like to think my brain doesn't either. But my drink-making? I'm big enough to admit it could do with some work. No doubt that's where the DS Bartender game comes in. It's been announced previously, yes, but Famitsu just had a good, long look at it, probably took it out on the town, probably dragged it down to a karaoke bar, probably got scotch and dry splashed all inside their DS's GBA slot. They say the game has recipes for 850 drinks, as well as interviews with bartenders who recount tales of their daring exploits and chat about their favourite drinks. EA, do me a favour, localise this. I could do with expanding my drinking selection by 846 drinks. バーテンダーDS』 カクテルレシピ約850種類を収録![Famitsu, via Siliconera]


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