DSes Can Screw Up Kid's Vision

Little dudes, DSes fuck up your eyes. Don't believe me, believe Bill Nye "The Science Guy." This public service announcement alerts us all about Computer Vision Syndrome, AKA "CVS." As Bill Nye explains, this occurs when children hold video game systems too close to their eyes. It makes them "tired," makes their brain "tired" and "can lead to long term vision problems." To prevent this, children should keep handhelds an elbow length away. Laptop users, you're not off the hook either! Keep your notebook computer an arm's length away. Not only does CVS melt your eyeballs or something, but it call also lead to scary behavioural problems. Bill Nye points out that since kids are working so hard to get all that information off that little screen, they get worn out and unable to do anything else. Just watch as a gaggle of kids stare glassy eyed at their Nintendo DSes. There's not a single PSP in sight. Yes, that must mean PSPs are TOTALLY SAFE.

Five Tips for Preventing CVS [VSP, Thanks Matt!]


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