Dude Met Uwe Boll And Lived To Tell

P1070317.JPG Thank you, thank you, thank you. Kotakuite Trencher has done us and humanity a huge favour. He met "filmmaker" Uwe Boll, so we don't have to. After getting free tickets from his local comic book shop, Trencher attended the Canadian Postal premiere. What did he think of the flick? "I definitely wouldn't put this on my 'must see' list," Trencher writes, "but it's a good movie to see with a bunch of buddies or a large 'geek' crowd." More, importantly, how was Boll? He tell you to go fuck your mum? Punch you in the chopper? Trencher writes:

...as i walked in the door Uwe Boll was standing right there. So i had to go over and say hi, i grabbed the attached pic of myself and him and made sure to thank him for pissing off videogame fans everywhere. He mubbled something in German and i heard a few shit and fucks coming out his mouth. ...he is quite a nice guy. I picked up his autograph and walked into the theatre.

There you go. Posing for pics and signing autographs, Boll is beautiful human. See, it's just that he's misunderstood by the gaming public. That, and he makes shit films.


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