EA Explains Why Madden Sucks On PS3

EA Explains Why Madden Sucks On PS3

270067b.jpgMany sports fans and PS3 fanboys have been upset that PS3’s Madden 2008 is running at roughly half the frame rate of its Xbox 360 counterpart. EA Technical Director Rob M. responded to one gamer’s complaints on the topic:

In the case of the next-generation consoles, many publishers have been developing titles for the Xbox 360 for over 3 1/2 years while everyone who publishes now for the PlayStation 3 with the exception of Sony has been developing for the PlayStation 3 for only a little over one full year. The differences in the overall knowledge of the hardware is vastly different for both consoles and…it is very difficult to get it right the first time.

Except…this is the second time we’ve had Madden on the PS3. Granted, Rob says to not buy the game if consumers are disappointed, so there is always the PS2 version if PS3 owners would prefer. We’re just glad that we quit peewee football against our parents’ wishes—lest we’d been injured and walked with a limp for life…or worse yet…cared about the new Madden.

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