EA Know Where Their Bread Is Buttered

jeffbell.jpgJeff Bell sat down recently with Canada.com. X07 was in Canada, you see. Bell is Xbox's Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing. Which means he sure does love his Xbox!:

In the case of EA, we just have an incredible partnership with them. Madden is not exclusive for us but they know where their bread is buttered. We will outsell the PS2 and PS3 version of Madden this Holiday Season combined.

Buttered bread? Cocky! Dude's commitment doesn't end there. Viva Pinata Party Animals isn't some last-ditch attempt at shoring up a faltering IP - oh no, to Bell, it's something more substantial:

As much as I love Viva Piñata, Party Animals is our first true Mario competitor against games like Mario Kart and Mario Party. It's 53 games on one disk. It's very fun, very addictive and very youthful.

Jeff, I admire your enthusiasm. Really! Might want to tone it down a notch, though. Mario Kart? Bit much. X07 Interview: Jeff Bell [Canada.com, via Game|Life]


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