Spore Will Be Ready When It's Damn Well Ready

sporeplanet.jpgYou're excited about Spore. I can tell. It's in your eyes, the way they light up when I utter the word. I can also see the grim determination in them as you steel yourself for the long wait. That's good. Because you might need that staying power. While EA boss John Riccitiello has "confirmed" that the game is due for the 2009 fiscal year, he's also said that the game will only ship when it's done. If that's later, then so be it.

We will make the choice of shipping a better game than an on-time game given the high potential for this franchise.

You know, the more we hear about the projected timeframe of this game, the more I'm convinced we really shouldn't have been shown it all the way back in 2005. 4-5 years of collective prick-teasing is just a little much.
EA: Spore Will Ship When It's Done [Next-Gen]


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