EA Turns Times Square Into Madden Wasteland

maddennyc.jpgIf you're in NYC, and hate Madden, best stay away from Times Square for a little while. Conversely, if you don't live in NYC and can't get enough of EA's annually-updated sports juggernaut, you might want to get there in a hurry: EA are taking the place over to remind people that Madden 08's coming out. Actually, looking at my watch and then performing a quick set of calculations on the fly, I'd say the party's already underway. Christened *groan* Maddenoliday, Tiki Barber's going to be on-hand to give out the first copy of the game at midnight at the Times Square TRU, some other guys will be there playing Madden and, corniest of all, they'll be recreating the New Years eve ball drop at midnight, except with a giant cover of Madden 08. Heaven or hell? Guess it depends on how close you live to Manhattan, and how much you love your Madden. Maddenoliday 2007 Starts Tonight [Gamerscore]


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