PS3 DVR Could Actually Be TiVo

PS3 DVR Could Actually Be TiVo

ps3_tv_tuner%20copy.jpgWe already mentioned that DVR will be coming to the PS3. But the software behind the technology—not always Sony’s strong suit—could be the driving force to make the platform actually succeed. Because it could be TiVo.

Many of us overlooked that Sony actually has licensing rights to use TiVo software in their products from an agreement dating way back to 2001. While this agreement is only good through October of 2008, that’s presumably enough time for Sony to launch their DVR product (and of course, that contract could be extended if Sony ponied up the cash). When TiVo was questioned about the potential integration, they responded with an either coy or contractually-obligated “no comment.”

I just preordered one of the new $US299 TiVo HD systems and can’t wait for it to ship out. But if the PS3 could have given me the same thing—even for the same price—I’d have gone that route just to save a component in my setup. If Sony is looking for some serious legitimacy in the home DVR market, integrating TiVo would be a brilliant manoeuvre.

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