Elite 360/HD-DVD Bundle On Amazon

xbox360_hd-bundle.jpgWell, it seems the bundles are just coming out of the woodwork today, but this one you can actually grab right now. Amazon is currently offering a pretty decent package for a great price. The offer includes an Xbox 360 Elite System, the HD DVD player, a copy of both King Kong and 300 (HD DVD versions of course) for $US599. Plus as an added bonus, a separate mail-in offer will net you another five HD-DVDs for free. Of course the selection is terrible, but you can always sell them I suppose. Considering the cost of the Elite and the player alone come to $US630 this is a pretty sweet deal when you add the 2 free movies, the mail in offer and free shipping. Who could ask for anything more? Well, maybe you could ask, but I doubt you'd get it.

Xbox 360 High-Def Bundle [Amazon] [via Destructoid]


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