E-mail Steve Ballmer For A New 360

busted360.jpgSometimes (actually, all the time), it pays to be a savvy consumer. Example: Guy by the name of AlteredBeast, a reader over at Kotaku blood-brothers The Consumerist, was having Xbox 360 troubles. Like, he was on his sixth unit after things like the red rings of death and poorly-handled refurb units (they'd arrive having been broken in the mail). When he called MS support to complain, he was bumped all the way to the top of the customer service chain, at which point he was told there was nothing he could do. Oh, wait, there was something he could do. He could email Steve Ballmer. So he did, and two days later got a new, working 360. Let's hear it for the little guy! Friendly Email To Steve Ballmer Results In New XBOX 360 [Consumerist]


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