Dojo Dump: On Fire!

Dojo Dump: On Fire!

dojo_dump_fe.jpgAnother week, another five business days of Super Smash Bros. Brawl marketing in a palatable controlled-news candy shell. This week revealed two critical info bits in the form of a new playable character from the Fire Emblem series and a newly confirmed game mode, an item we discussed earlier today.

But let us dispense with the pleasantries and make our way to the Dojo Dump!

Monday: Donkey Kong’s meta Final Smash is revealed. He plays bongo controllers!
Tuesday: The Pitfall, a power item borrowed from Animal Crossing comes into play.
Wednesday: Ike, the game’s 14th fighter is lovingly profiled.
Thursday: More Fire Emblem, as the castle stage is partially revealed.
Friday: The Subspace Emissary is disclosed as “a robust side-scrolling action game.” Awesome!

Best news? A handful of new shots featuring Samus in her Zero Suit form. OMG HAI 2 U SAMIS!!!1

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