Quake Wars: Beta 2.0 Launches

Quake Wars: Beta 2.0 Launches

Beta 2.0 for Enemy Territories: Quake Wars is going live today. The new beta will include a new map, wider access and plenty of extra features:

“¢ New Map: Valley (temperate climate, GDF-offensive map)
“¢ Wider Access: All current ETQW Fileplanet Beta participants, plus an additional first-come/first-serve 20K participants will be eligible to join
“¢ Offline play against the computer mode added
“¢ Improvements to bots, game physics, audio and game interface
“¢ Punkbuster added
“¢ LAN game support added
“¢ Player statistics tracking and leaderboards added at http://stats.enemyterritory.com
“¢ Unranked server support included

Get it while it’s hot over at File Planet.

File Planet

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