Epic Goes All Countersuit On Silicon Knights

Epic Goes All Countersuit On Silicon Knights

toohuman2_450x360.jpgAfter the recent filing of Silicon Knights’ lawsuit against Epic, Epic has launched a counterclaim against Silicon Knights, arguing that Silicon Knights is guilty of copyright infringement, breach of contract, and misappropriation of trade secrets. Here are all the notable claims from the filing:

– Silicon Knights originally wanted Epic to endorse the “suitability” of their engine for Too Human, Epic refused

– Silicon Knights has used Unreal 3 Technology in their own “Silicon Knights Engine”

– Silicon Knights has used UT3 technology with a new Sega partnership without further licence

And for these and other reasons too confusing for my tiny blogger mind, Epic is demanding compensatory and punitive damages (cash), injunctive relief (case and desist of using their engine), the destruction of infringing goods (that means…Too Human and SK’s engine as far as I can tell) and attorney fees (more cash). This is getting interesting. I’m grabbing some popcorn.

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