Epic: We Will Not Put Your Features In Our Engine

Epic: We Will Not Put Your Features In Our Engine

unreal_engine_features.jpgAt the GC Developers Conference, both Mark Rein from Epic Games and Denis Dyack from Silicon Knights, who just happen to be involved in lawsuits filed against each other, have carefully addressed issues related to the development of the each party’s products involved. Silicon Knights claims the Unreal Engine didn’t deliver on promised technology. Epic responded that it refused to endorse the “suitability” of UE3 for Too Human’s needs.

Today, Rein underscored that claim with a clarification on Epic’s engine building policy.Mark Rein’s answer to a moderator seeking examples of each panel members engine to meet developer’s needs was that “We specifically don’t do that. We feel that the best way to make an engine, and the fastest most productive way to get to a finished point— not that an engine is ever really finished, we’re constantly improving on them—we feel that the way to do that is to make our game, to make the most optimised, best performing, best cross platform game you can possibly make using our technology and then licensees know exactly what they’re going to get when we’re done.”

He added, “It’s very important for us to stay focused, make the best game that we can, as soon as we can and make sure that every feature we do ship is of professional quality.”

In case that wasn’t clear enough, should you have a beef with the Unreal Engine’s capabilities, Rein spoke directly to you, telling the crowd “We will not put your features in our engine. We’re happy to advise you how to get those features in. Our door is always open, you can talk to us at any time. but we make a very clear distinction about, you know, we’re making this engine for our game. Ultimately, that’s what’s best for us and best for our customers.”

Unfortunately, it seems it might also be best served helping each party’s legal team put a down payment on their new boats.

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