ESA Gets In On The Wikipedia Editing Action

ESA Gets In On The Wikipedia Editing Action

nothintosee.jpgThis Wikipedia Scanner thing is a hoot! First it caught EA trying to tart up its own image, now it’s caught the ESA trying to erase…well, the truth! In August 2006 and April 2007, someone at the ESA’s headquarters in Washington went a little snippy-snip crazy:

In one paragraph, someone at ESA deleted a nuanced discussion of mod chip legality, replacing it with a flat assertion that mod chips are illegal.

Less than a minute later, a lengthy section on the positive uses of mod chips was deleted, as was a notation that the US Supreme Court has not yet dealt with the DMCA.

Finally, a sentence stating that mod chips are legal in Australia was removed.

The first two, not cool, but whatever. But the third? Doesn’t look good when you delete the truth. Mod chips are legal in Australia. The Australian High Court ruled in October 2005:

There is no copyright reason why the purchaser should not be entitled to copy the CD-ROM and modify the console in such a way as to enjoy his or her lawfully acquired property without inhibition.

I thought that was good news! Guess it’s actually bad news. Terrible, even, and someone should really delete any mention of it before the unthinkable happens. Like an Australian High Court decision having any impact whatsoever on the laws of the United States.

ESA Altered Wikipedia Entries on Mod Chips, Abandonware [Game Politics]

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