Eternal Sonata Community Site Launched

Eternal Sonata Community Site Launched

endlessnocturne.jpgNamco Bandai is really going above and beyond to promote the upcoming 360 RPG Eternal Sonata, launching what is probably the most extensive community site for a single player RPG I have ever seen. At Endless Nocturne, fans of Eternal Sonata can create a profile and then participate in quizzes, submit (clean) fan art, chat on the forums or enter any number of quizzes, earning community rank and special points called Notes along the way. The Notes can then be exchanged for prizes in the site’s shop, ranging anywhere from signed posters to Japanese OST CDs to a Zune or iPod Shuffle. On top of all of that, the site is being kept updated with all the latest news on the game, so it really is your one-stop Eternal Sonata community resource site. Check it out at, or hit the jump for more information.


Eternal Sonata fans rejoice as NAMCO BANDAI Games has dimmed the house lights and drawn back the curtains on Endless Nocturne, a new interactive community site for their upcoming RPG title, Eternal Sonata for the Xbox 360. Aspiring maestros around the world are invited to create their magnum opus for fellow composers, and receive musical “Notes” for their submissions of fan art, contributions to the community forums, and participation in polls, quizzes, surveys, and other Eternal Sonata-inspired assignments and creative opportunities. Accomplished artistes can then exchange their Notes in the Endless Nocturne shop for Eternal Sonata posters, custom signed artwork, soundtracks, copies of the game, or even the ultimate musical prize – an iPod or Zune MP3 player. Artisans and aficionados alike can join the Eternal Sonata community now at

Eternal Sonata is the RPG to own this Fall as its intuitive and strategic combat system, featuring a blend of real-time and turn-based battle, keeps the action flowing and takes into account elements such as light and darkness. Boasting an intriguing story told through real-time cut-scenes, an unforgettable cast of characters, and incredibly detailed environments to explore, Eternal Sonata is set to deliver one of the most engrossing RPG experiences of the year for the Xbox 360.

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