Everyday Shooter Live And Impressions


I first got a chance to play Everyday Shooter back when I was helping to judge for the 2007 Independent Games Festival. I found the game, find it, to be proof that a game doesn’t have to be deep to be deep. It is, on its surface, just another top-down shooter, ala Asteroids or Geometry Wars, but there is so much more there. The music, which you can on some level influence, adds to the mood, the graphics, often quite trippy, also helps, but it’s when they are combined with a very unique system of play that the whole thing comes together.And when played on the Playstation 3, it becomes that much more captivating, mostly because of the high-def graphics, the big screen and the surround sound. This is a game created by a person who loves games, for people who love games. It’s almost a fallacy to refer to it as a game, really it’s more of a body of work, an album, to stick to the music theme so prevalent in the game. You can play a level, like you play a song, enjoy the experience, get a sense of what the developer was going for. But to truly experience the game, you need to sit down and play through it, enjoying not just the completion of the game, but the journey you take getting there.

I’ll be playing the game live in a few minutes, streaming it here on the site using Justin TV, hang around if you want to catch a gander.

Sorry you missed it, but you can watch the archive of the video by clicking here and choosing Aug. 8 at 10:45 a.m.