HMV Accepting MGS 4 360 Pre-Orders

mgspreorder.jpgComputer and Video Games is reporting that UK entertainment retail giant HMV is currently offering pre-orders for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots. This might not seem so odd except for the fact that not only are they taking orders for the PS3 version, release dated on the site at April 18, 2008, but they also have a listing for an Xbox 360 version allegedly set to come out on Sept. 26, 2008. Pre-orders are being taken for this version as well despite the fact that we've been told numerous times that MGS 4 will absolutely, positively be remaining a PS3 exclusive. So, is this a case of someone with inside information leaking it out too soon in attempt to grab some euros, or just a major screw up on HMV's part? If it's the latter, they are going to have a lot of unhappy gamers on their hands as well as a slew of refunds to hand out. You can check the listing out for yourself here on HMV's website.

HMV takes MGS4 360 pre-orders [CAG]
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