Fable 2 "Nowhere Near Finished"

originalcharacterart.jpeg Fable 2 is a big game. And big games take time. But Peter Molyneux has been talking about Fable 2 for a while now, so that probably means it's almost done by now. No, not even close. But it's supposed to be out in 2008, we say. Lionhead Studios community liaison Sam Van Tilburgh reports:

It's nowhere near finished. Think about that for a second. It is not finished. So yes, the game will look at least a gazillion times better than anything you've seen of Fable 2 so far.

Anyone doubting that for a split second deserves a kick in the butt. Compared to some other games, Fable 2 is graphically going to be a Masterpiece. We are talking about vast and expansive outdoor locations, with added night and day cycle with realistic lighting effects that dynamically change the environment around you. There will be uber-detailed textures and lighting on up to fifty character models on screen, all of which will cast a dynamic shadow of themselves on that same environment. There is a physics engine, a simulation engine and about a thousand years of knowledge of things that I'm not even trying to understand. According to our water-expert Fran "we are going to kick Bioshock's water!" He gets a little excited sometimes; Italian passion! But the game will look Great.

And that's not lower case "great" or lower case "masterpiece," but upper case "Great" and "Masterpiece." There's a difference! New Fable 2 character, like this "pleasure lady," has been released as well. Her flabby ass is Huge — that's not "huge," but "Huge." Like I said, there's a difference. Fable 2 Not Finished [Lionhead]


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