What’s That Face Training Game Like?

What’s That Face Training Game Like?

facening02.jpg Face Training for the DS is OUT. Like, you can walk into any Japanese game retailer, buy it and start training your face. Over at Infendo, they did just that, blogging:

A facening routine has three parts: a body warm-up, a face warm-up, and then the actual facening itself… The pre-facening warm-ups don’t use the camera, but simply ask you to move your shoulders about a bit, then close your eyes and move your mouth from side to side, with the aid of an on-screen woman.

The purpose is apparently to warm up the muscles in your face and neck, because as I proved while taking the test before, you will cramp up if you try to stretch out your jaw without prior movement. Once the warm up is finished, you’re taken to the facening menu. The menu allows you to select different kinds of exercises depending on the muscles you’d like to work on… I quickly selected the “recommended” exercise button. The recommended exercises are seemingly based on what previous data shows are your weakest muscles, in addition to the general stuff. My custom exercise routine was formulated to work the tiny muscles behind my eyelids (I always forget about those when I go to the gym).

Face Training — the goofiest game Nintendo has ever made.
Kao Day 2 [Infendo]

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