The Smed Talks To Fan Faire

The Smed Talks To Fan Faire

John Smedley is at Fan Faire talking to the masses about the past, present and future of all things Sony Online Entertainment. I’ll be remote liveblogging it for those of you too lazy to watch it yourself.

Hit the jump to follow along.

The Denver SOE guys are talking up Legends of Norrath right now. Check out our feature on the in-game online trading card game that is free to Everquest players.


OK, now they’re showing two SOE Denver guys playing the game. Keep in mind this will be a free game to Everquest and Everquest II gamers. Cards for the game will show up as loot drops as you play. Loot drops in the card game will also occasionally give you the occasional Everquest items. I think this is a really cool idea.


Looks like they’re having some technical issues with the game. Wait a second isn’t it supposed to launch today? Ah, actually they will be beta testing starting tomorrow with a soft launch next week, allowing attendees to play the new game online. The best part? All beta cards and dropped loot earned in the beta can be kept.


Annnnnd the video stream just crapped out.. or maybe it’s over. Man, that was short.

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